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The BZ Gas Detector is a simple but robust approach for addressing chemical threats on oil and gas rigs as well as industrial sites. By providing adaptability and expandability the BZ Gas Detector addresses an evolving threat in the most affordable way possible by avoiding built-in obsolescence.

Each BZ Gas Detector is equipped with four chemical sensor heads. Three of the four available sensor heads (VOC, LEL, and Oxygen) are fixed. The fourth sensor head is selected by the user to determine the best combination for their unique applications. If a chemical threat arises that is not covered by your current configuration, then the optional fourth sensor can be changed without purchasing a new detector. The four sensor heads detect 62 different gases to include:

Three fixed sensor heads:

• VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
• Oxygen
• LEL (Lower Explosive Limit)

Fourth optional head:

• Carbon Monoxide
• Clorine
• Hydrogen Sulfide
• Hydrogen Cyanide
• Others (as requested)

In addition to gas and chemical sensors, more common environmental sensors such as temperature, pressure and humidity also are available.

The BZ Gas Detector has both a large daylight readable display and an LED light indicator system, which transitions from red to green to indicate if the gas is becoming stronger or weaker. The LED lights allow a user in a HAZMAT suit to monitor chemical sources without constantly monitoring the display. Once a chemical source is detected, then readings can be collected via the digital screen.

The BZ Gas Detector is protected by a hardened Thermo-Plast case that can withstand temperatures up to 5000 F for short periods of time without damaging the detector electronics. Each detector comes with custom integration software, enabling the user to perform updates and calibration, preventing downtime and service calls.

The BZ Gas Detector automatically communicates with BZ Mesh Networks sensors. Sensors establish self-forming wireless mesh networks that enable data flow back to a BZ-developed or customer provided Control Center Interface.

The BZ Gas Detector automatically communicates with the other BZ Mesh Network sensors. Sensors establish self- forming wireless mesh networks that enable data flow back to a BZ-developed or customer provided Control Center Interface. Upon the detection of hazardous gas levels reaching above established thresholds, the BZ Gas Detector can be configured to send commands to the BZ Control Interface that control solenoids and relays to shut down power to critical equipment. The BZ Gas Detector’s adaptability and scalability allow the end user to address the needs of today while providing a cost-effective method for growth in the future.

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Recognizing potential hazardous work conditions and having the ability to make swift, intelligent decisions is key to worker safety and business productivity. The BZ Estop provides a wireless, emergency shut-off for key equipment that can initiated on-site or from a remote location.

By utilizing the BZ Mesh Network, the BZ Estop can provide an abort signal over long ranges without requiring dedicated control wiring, thus keeping inherent dangers of complicated and unexpected situations at bay while protecting your people and equipment.

Working in conjunction with the other BZ Sensor Solutions family of products, safety measures can be initiated manually through the BZ Estop or automatically from the BZ Gas Detector, or sensors made wireless by the BZ Sensor Interface, sending a command to the BZ Control Interface to shut down relays and solenoids controlling power to critical equipment. The BZ Estop is portable and can be moved to alternative work stations as needed, or it can be permanently mounted. Thus creating a safe work environment throughout your site.

The ability of the BZ Estop to immediately shut down “hot” machinery by the safety system allows for a safer, less volatile work environment, providing peace of mind for workers and management.


• Height: 2.25 in.
• Width: 8.0 in.
• Depth: 3.25 in


• 18 oz.

Operational Time

• 4 – 5 Day run time
Operational Environment

• Altitude: 2000m
• Temperature: ‐25 – 40oC
• Humidity: 80% RH max.
• Pollution Degree 2


• Class I, Div. 2 rated
• NEMA 4x
Powered by internal battery

Extends the BZ mesh network approximated range 1-2 mi. LOS

The BZ Estop communicates using a 802.15.4 wireless communications protocol. The BZ Mesh Network is both a self-forming and self-healing network, making installation and operation easy. The BZ Mesh Network enables data flow back to a BZ-developed or customer-provided Control Center Interface.

Integrating electrical and pneumatic sensors and controls, the BZ Estop provides flexibility and adaptability in potentially volatile situations, while making remote system monitoring and control a seamless part of how you do business, wirelessly.

The BZ Estop comes in aluminum, waterproof, UL-approved Class 1 Div 2 enclosures with a 22mm button designed to operate effectively even in the worst of conditions.

The BZ  Estop contains two visual indicators. A green power LED and a red charging status LED. The green LED will illuminate when the power to the device is on. The red LED will illuminate when the Estop is charging. The red LED will turn off once the charging cycle is complete. The BZ Estop uses a rechargeable Lithium Ion Polymer battery.


The BZ Sensor Interface is the key to making your sensors wireless. Communicating data and alert messages between individual devices- such as the BZ Estop, BZ Gas Detector, and BZ Control Center Interface- allows for equipment to be monitored remotely. Whether monitoring transducers, flow meters or air gauges, the bz Sensor Interface can be customized to fit your specific need and your own sensors.

The BZ Sensor Interface is compatible with most major brands that serve the oil and gas industry. In most cases, we can easily integrate your existing sensors to communicate within our system. By working with our customers to develop a customized system, the BZ Sensor Interface enables you to collect data remotely and make intelligent decisions more efficiently.

The BZ Sensor Interface has four analog/ digital inputs accommodating analog current from 4 to 20 mA, or voltages from 0 – 24 VDC. Input signals are transmitted across the BZ Mesh Network and can be easily mapped to control one or more output voltages on the BZ Control Interface.

The BZ Sensor Interface is easily configured to work in conjunction with the other BZ Sensor Solutions’ products to create a customized solution to meet your monitoring and safety needs.


The BZ Control Interface manages the power supply to equipment in an emergency situation. Simply put, it is the “control” side of any relay. Working in conjunction with the full suite of BZ products, the BZ Control Interface is able to react automatically to commands that it receives from the BZ Gas Detector, BZ  Estop and other sensors communicating through a BZ Sensor Interface. This immediate reaction can save lives, as well as time lost in the event of an accident.

Both intelligent and powerful, the BZ Control Interface manages its equipment over a wide area up to one mile (line of site) between nodes of the BZ Mesh Network. Using a 5, 9, 12, or 24 VDC discrete signal, the BZ Control Interface monitors alert messages passed by sensor devices over the BZ Mesh Network. Depending on the custom settings you choose, the BZ Control Interface reacts accordingly to shut off equipment. This way, critical equipment can be monitored and controlled remotely by the BZ Mesh Network.

The BZ Control Interface has a wireless control switch with four digital VDC outputs that can be individually configured to control your equipment.

The BZ Control Interface is easily configured to work in conjunction with the other BZ Sensor Solutions’ products to create a customized solution to meet your monitoring and safety needs.


The BZ Mesh Network has unlimited capabilities to form – and heal – its own network, but at some point it has to communicate with the outside world.  The BZ Control Center Interface is the simplest way to get BZ network data to a facility computer and the World Wide Web.  The BZ Control Center Interface is contained in a waterproof aluminum enclosure and comes with a Class I, Division II, Commercial/Industrial UL rating safe for operation in explosive areas.  Each BZ Control Center Interface has a 10-foot cable allowing the device to be remotely placed from the host computer.  The Interface is light enough to be portable and comes with a magnetic base allowing rapid attachment to any metal surface.  If portability is not required, then the BZ Control Center Interface can be mounted permanently using the mounting holes located in the base of the unit.

Ranges from the BZ Control Center Interface will depend on the type and size of antenna attached to the unit but effective Line-Of-Site ranges of ten miles is not uncommon.

The BZ Control Center Interface works with both BZ Integration and Control Software and the Cloud network, giving you two different options for sending data to the Web and for connecting multiple devices to the network.

Our software supports an unlimited number of sensors and approved and monitored end users.

Power for the BZ Control Center Interface comes from its USB connector to your computer, so external power is not required,  regardless of your location.


Traditionally, the limiting factor to all sensor control systems has been cost – Well, not anymore!

The BZ Cellular Bridge is a small device that translates data from sensors to computers anywhere in the world. Built to operate effectively with minimal maintenance even under the worst of conditions.

The BZ Cellular Bridge communicates up to a mile (line of site) between self-forming and self-healing BZ nodes.  Once communications have been established between the network and the cellular bridge, a powerful cellular modem connects the network to the cellular system allowing the transfer of data to any other modem on the cellular network.

Cloud-based software, also on the cellular network, enables access to an unlimited number of sensor network inputs and end users and allows sensor and video control from anywhere on the cellular network.  Since the BZ Cellular Bridge system works off cell modems, there is no need for a BZ Command Center interface or a standalone computer– just use the cellular modem contained in most Microsoft Windows-based computers or tablets to access the sensor network without the need for additional connectors or attachments.

The BZ Cellular Bridge comes with its own power supply, or can be powered from a solar cell providing sustained power in remote locations over a long period of time.  The durability of the BZ Cellular Bridge greatly reduces the need for daily or even monthly maintenance is while providing data to users around the globe.


The BZ Lone Employee Tracker is a small, rugged GPS tracker designed for commercial and industrial use.   Built from hardened Polymers, the Tracker can withstand high temperatures, moisture, and general abuse without damage to the case or the electronics inside.

The BZ Lone Employee tracker is powerful and smart.  It is designed with a robust computer mother board that allows the addition of up to two (2) optional sensors, providing additional protection to both the user and their team.

Once a Lone Employee Tracker is  activated, it links to a BZ CCI, Cellular Bridge, or Command Center Interface. The system then tracks location and sends tracking data to any remote site using the BZ software.

A single LED light shows when the unit is charging.  Running on rechargeable LiPo battery pack, the power draw is very low, allowing for extended use.  Equipped with either a belt clip, it is easily integrated in any manner of dress. The device is activated by a simple on/off switch and contains a rechargeable port for charging from a vehicle, computer, or wall power outlet.  The BZ Command Center Lone Employee Tracker is based on ZigBee SM&RT Tracker sensors, so the two types can be meshed with one another. This capability allows BZ communication software to receive data from sensors even if they are not within the BZ Command Center, Control Card, or BZ Cellular Bridge range or a clear line of site such as warehouses or small buildings.


The BZ Asset Tracker is ideal for campus wide applications of the BZ wireless network. The BZ Asset Tracker contains both a Global Positioning System (GPS) and panic button which allows the collection GPS data and emergency events to be transmitted back to the CCI. This product works for vehicles, pallets, small portable buildings and is rugged enough for use even on heavy equipment. This versatile device allows for communications and the location of your companies assets in the BZ  Sensors Network.

The BZ Asset Tracker is made from hardened Polymers, the Tracker can withstand high temperatures, moisture, and general abuse without damage to the case or the electronics inside. The BZ Asset Tracker can be powered from the vehicles 12VDC power source, as well as contains a rechargeable battery and can be configured with an optional rugged solar cell.
The BZ Asset Tracker uses the BZ wireless network to communicates to either a Cellular Bridge or the BZ Communications Center Interface. The advantage of this system is that with the exception of the Cellular Bridge there is no monthly connection fee.

The BZ Asset Tracker communicates to the rest of the network using an 802.15.4 wireless communications protocol over a range of one
mile (line of site) between nodes. There is no need for an external antenna connection as part of the BZ Asset Tracker. Ranges from the BZ Asset Tracker will depend on the type of RF environments it is exposed to but ranges in open environments up to a mile are common.


BZ Sensor Solutions line of BZ Gas Detectors, Sensor Interface, Control Interface and the BZ Control Center Interface can help you stay in control of the risks your team faces.