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The bz Gas Detector is a simple but robust approach for addressing chemical threats on oil and gas rigs as well as industrial sites. By providing adaptability and expandability the bz Gas Detector addresses an evolving threat in the most affordable way possible by avoiding built-in obsolescence.

Each bz Gas Detector is equipped with four chemical sensor heads. Three of the four available sensor heads (VOC, LEL, and Oxygen) are fixed. The fourth sensor head is selected by the user to determine the best combination for their unique applications. If a chemical threat arises that is not covered by your current configuration, then the optional fourth sensor can be changed without purchasing a new detector. The four sensor heads detect 62 different gases to include:

Three fixed sensor heads:

• VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
• Oxygen
• LEL (Lower Explosive Limit)

Fourth optional head:

• Carbon Monoxide
• Clorine
• Hydrogen Sulfide
• Hydrogen Cyanide
• Others (as requested)

In addition to gas and chemical sensors, more common environmental sensors such as temperature, pressure and humidity also are available.

The bz Gas Detector has both a large daylight readable display and an LED light indicator system, which transitions from red to green to indicate if the gas is becoming stronger or weaker. The LED lights allow a user in a HAZMAT suit to monitor chemical sources without constantly monitoring the display. Once a chemical source is detected, then readings can be collected via the digital screen.

The bz Gas Detector is protected by a hardened Thermo-Plast case that can withstand temperatures up to 5000 F for short periods of time without damaging the detector electronics. Each detector comes with custom integration software, enabling the user to perform updates and calibration, preventing downtime and service calls.

The bz Gas Detector automatically communicates with bz Mesh Networks sensors. Sensors establish self-forming wireless mesh networks that enable data flow back to a bz-developed or customer provided Control Center Interface.

The bz Gas Detector automatically communicates with the other bz Mesh Network sensors. Sensors establish self- forming wireless mesh networks that enable data flow back to a bz-developed or customer provided Control Center Interface. Upon the detection of hazardous gas levels reaching above established thresholds, the bz Gas Detector can be configured to send commands to the bz Control Interface that control solenoids and relays to shut down power to critical equipment. The bz Gas Detector’s adaptability and scalability allow the end user to address the needs of today while providing a cost-effective method for growth in the future.

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