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The BZ Sensors Infinte Lighting System (ILS) is a cost effective, reverse compatible, self-monitoring, lighting solution. This system will enable legacy systems to integrate seamlessly into modern more energy efficient systems. The ILS is also designed for new more modern approaches to lighting controls as well.

The BZ Sensors ILS is a bidirectional wireless RF device that allows an individual fixture to be managed and monitored. The universal voltage (110-347 VAC) module provides ON/OFF control, GPS Location, Photocell Input, Wireless Control, Stand Alone Mode and features an adaptable sink & source 0-10V output compatible with all 2-wire dimming drivers and ballast. The BZ Sensors ILS connects to ANSI C136-41-2013 7-pin or 5-pin twist-lock receptacles.

 The BZ Sensors ILS wireless technology adapts easily to complex automation situations for quick, simple and economical commissioning. Utilizing the BZ Sensors Light Source Network Software (LSNS), the control module can be configured as a stand-alone device, slave node to a central control, motion controlled and assigned to lighting groups for a more comprehensive system.

The BZ Sensors Infinite Lighting System Network Gateway (ILSNG) is the portal to the Infinite Lighting System Network Dashboard (ILSND). The ILSNG is available in 2 configurations. The ILSNG-W is a Wi-Fi based solution, allowing the deployment on metropolitan Wi-Fi systems. The ILSNG-C is the same durable gateway but in a cellular package, allowing multiple device to connect to the ILSND. This bi-directional gateway can report health and status of the BZ Sensors ILSN to the ILSND as well as allow the ILSND to remotely configure the ILS devices on the network.

The BZ Sensors ILSND is a cloud based control system allowing authorized users the ability to monitor, configure and diagnose the ILSN. The BZ Sensors ILSND can be installed on the client’s server or hosted by BZ Sensors.


Input Power

Operating Environment

Switched Output

Load Rating

Dimming Control

Dimming Output


Power Monitoring

Power Readings


Additional Features
W: 3.38” x H: 4.13”

90V to 347V +/- 10% (Max 305V), 50/60Hz

-40 C to + 70 C; 20% to 90% RH non-condensing; IP66

Default ON

15A @ 90V to 347V (+/- 10%)

0-10 V

Qty: 2; 0-10 Outputs; Maximum Current 20mA

SNAP 2.4GHz; 802.15.4
+20 dBm Transmit Power
-103 dBm Receive Sensitivity

Utility Grade -2% Accuracy

Voltage, Watts

5 Years

Time of Day/Calendar; GPS


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Traditionally, the limiting factor to all sensor control systems has been cost – Well, not anymore!

The BZ Cellular Bridge is a small device that translates data from sensors to computers anywhere in the world. Built to operate effectively with minimal maintenance even under the worst of conditions.

The BZ Cellular Bridge communicates up to a mile (line of site) between self-forming and self-healing BZ nodes.  Once communications have been established between the network and the cellular bridge, a powerful cellular modem connects the network to the cellular system allowing the transfer of data to any other modem on the cellular network.

Cloud-based software, also on the cellular network, enables access to an unlimited number of sensor network inputs and end users and allows sensor and video control from anywhere on the cellular network.  Since the BZ Cellular Bridge system works off cell modems, there is no need for a BZ Command Center interface or a standalone computer– just use the cellular modem contained in most Microsoft Windows-based computers or tablets to access the sensor network without the need for additional connectors or attachments.

The BZ Cellular Bridge comes with its own power supply, or can be powered from a solar cell providing sustained power in remote locations over a long period of time.  The durability of the BZ Cellular Bridge greatly reduces the need for daily or even monthly maintenance is while providing data to users around the globe.


The BZ Lone Employee Tracker is a small, rugged GPS tracker designed for commercial and industrial use.   Built from hardened Polymers, the Tracker can withstand high temperatures, moisture, and general abuse without damage to the case or the electronics inside.

The BZ Lone Employee tracker is powerful and smart.  It is designed with a robust computer mother board that allows the addition of up to two (2) optional sensors, providing additional protection to both the user and their team.

The BZ SM&RT Tracker is limited to outside areas and depends on GPS. Once a Lone Employee Tracker is  activated, it links to a BZ DIBS, Cellular Bridge, or Command Center Interface. The system then tracks location and sends tracking data to any remote site using the BZ software.

A single LED light shows when the unit is charging.  Running on 3AAA NiMH batteries, the power draw is very low, allowing for extended use.  Equipped with either a belt clip, it is easily integrated in any manner of dress. The device is activated by a simple on/off switch and contains a rechargeable USB port for charging from a vehicle, computer, or wall power outlet.  The BZ Command Center Lone Employee Sensor is based on ZigBee SM&RT Tracker sensors, so the two types can be meshed with one another. This capability allows BZ communication software to receive data from sensors even if they are not within the BZ Command Center, Control Card, or BZ Cellular Bridge range or a clear line of site such as warehouses or small buildings.