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 The BZ Sensors LoRaWAN™ Cellular Sensor Gateway is a cost effective gateway for transmitting wireless LoRa sensor data via the LTE Category 1 cellular network. Combining the technology of the LTE network and robustness of the LoRa Radio Network we can offer a single connection point for wireless networks making them more cost effective to deploy. Paired with the lower cost of data on the LTE Category 1 offering, it is a match made perfect. This sensor gateway will enable PAN’s/LAN’s to integrate seamlessly into long term deployment solutions, unlike the legacy 2G/3G systems that are currently on the verge of being obsolete and no longer supported by the carriers.
+  Carrier: Sprint LTE CAT1
+  Operating System: Embedded LINUX
+  Web Management GUI
+  PAN/LAN Wireless Support:
      -  Wi-Fi
      -  Bluetooth
      -  LoRaWAN™
+  Processor: 32 Bit ARM Cortex A53
+  Power: 5VDC @ 2A
+  Antenna:
      -  LTE Category 1 – External SMA
      -  LoRaWAN™ – External SMA
      -  Wi-Fi – Internal chip antenna
      -  Bluetooth – Internal chip antenna
+  Internal USB/Serial expansion port
+  Network status displays

+  SPR – Carrier (Sprint)
+  GATE – Product Type (Gateway)
+  LTEC1 – Cellular Type (LTE Category 1)
+  W – Wi-Fi
+  L – LoRaWAN™
+  16G – Internal Storage (16GB)
144mm (L) x 94mm (W) x 34.6mm (H)

-20 °/ +70 °C

+  Cellular Antenna – Female SMA
+  Diversity Cellular Antenna – Female SMA
+  LoRaWAN™ Antenna – Female SMA
+  2.1mm x 5.5mm Barrel Connector
BZ Sensors LoRaWAN™ Cellular Sensor Gateway is ideally suited for high-performance and demanding markets: Energy, Smart Grid, Transportation, Telecom and Broadcasting. It is fully interoperable with LoRaWAN™ compliant devices and 3rd party network servers. An integrated Low-Noise Amplifier and digital filtering give superior RF sensitivity for improved range coverage. The integrated RF power amplifier is capable of up to 0.5 Watt, which can reach the outermost devices.

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Traditionally, the limiting factor to all sensor control systems has been cost – Well, not anymore!

The BZ Cellular Bridge is a small device that translates data from sensors to computers anywhere in the world. Built to operate effectively with minimal maintenance even under the worst of conditions.

The BZ Cellular Bridge communicates up to a mile (line of site) between self-forming and self-healing BZ nodes.  Once communications have been established between the network and the cellular bridge, a powerful cellular modem connects the network to the cellular system allowing the transfer of data to any other modem on the cellular network.

Cloud-based software, also on the cellular network, enables access to an unlimited number of sensor network inputs and end users and allows sensor and video control from anywhere on the cellular network.  Since the BZ Cellular Bridge system works off cell modems, there is no need for a BZ Command Center interface or a standalone computer– just use the cellular modem contained in most Microsoft Windows-based computers or tablets to access the sensor network without the need for additional connectors or attachments.

The BZ Cellular Bridge comes with its own power supply, or can be powered from a solar cell providing sustained power in remote locations over a long period of time.  The durability of the BZ Cellular Bridge greatly reduces the need for daily or even monthly maintenance is while providing data to users around the globe.